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2016-10 cpp cave - Manual search becomes a relic

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Versiondog Factory Floor

Versiondog Factory Floor Status – tabulated surface Versiondog Factory Floor Status with control monitor view Owing to the colour coding system (red / yellow / green), it is easy to evaluate the situation and take any necessary action. The system dashboard additionally provides basic information such as module numbers (e. g. MLFB), RAM usage, battery status, cycle time overruns and forced values. One particularly useful feature is the ability to quickly check the firmware version currently installed on an automation device. With Versiondog 4.0, Factory Floor Status will initially provide support for Simatic S7 in particular. Automated data management Factory Floor Status was born out of customer requests and the desire to clearly see which firmware versions are running on which devices. The initial requirement was to minimise the workload associated with Simatic S7 firmware updates and make the update process generally more efficient. Updates to eliminate bugs, for example, are rolled out on a regular basis and each time the same questions are asked: “Which firmware and hardware is installed on which PLC?” “Which devices will be affected by the update?” Up to now, this information had to be recorded manually using Excel tables. This meant, of course, that the data had to be updated by hand every time a new update was announced. Depending on the number of PLCs and CPUs installed in the facility, this could be a long and arduous process. With Factory Floor Status, these recurring costs can now be easily avoided in networked production facilities. The system lists all controllers together with their associated MLFB numbers and their current firmware and hardware status. Users can also search for specific MLFB or module numbers, which saves time and prevents the errors that could occur if outdated firmware is overlooked. The automated display of information rules out errors caused by manual transcription or by information being read incorrectly. Apart from this, the Factory Floor Status addon provides even more production-related information that further increases efficiency and saves both time and money. The ability to check the battery status of devices, for example, helps to prevent data loss if a power outage occurs. The constant warnings whenever forced values have been set act as an automatic reminder until these settings are reset as planned. Information on RAM usage and cycle times helps to proactively optimise processes and facilitates plant monitoring. These values are useful while the plant is being constructed or expanded for identifying unnoticed errors or exceeded limit values. Aided by this information, the plant engineer can then decide where to install alternative controllers / CPUs and where to initiate adjustments or performance improvements. The fact that the system shows the current status of backups alongside this new device information is another huge user benefit. At the start of each shift, the plant personnel can therefore see at a glance whether any changes were made during the previous shift. If there are any errors or uncertainties, the changes concerned can be localised and checked immediately. Absolute transparency and maximum data availability save time and free up resources for improvements and new maintenance tasks. » Online search: cpp0316auvesy Author Silke Glasstetter Marketing Manager, Auvesy cpp 3-2016 37

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