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Case Study - versiondog in use at Aluar

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Case Study - versiondog in use at

Crossing the Atlantic to Argentina – a user case study at Aluar Crossing the Atlantic to Argentina Automation department at aluminium producer ALUAR trusts in versiondog Seldom has AUVESY been involved in a project that has required such little effort when it comes to installing and integrating its software. Aluar, one of South America’s largest aluminium smelter, has all but autonomously installed and configured the versiondog software. The few questions that do come in are immediately responded to by the Support Hotline at AUVESY. The case at Aluar only goes to show how simple data management and version control can be. Aluar is one of the largest aluminium producers worldwide and employs a workforce of 2,245 employees. In 2013, it generated a record revenue of 1.2 billion US dollars. The company is Argentina’s only producer of primary aluminium and has a production capacity which averages around 460,000 tons. More than two thirds of the primary aluminium that it produces is exported. Aluar produces ingots, bars, wire and aluminium alloys, which it then supplies to such industries as construction and automotive, to name a few. Since its inception, Aluar has maintained its commitment to delivering the highest quality in both its products and services. Aluar’s commitment to pursuing excellence in all processes is also accompanied by its commitment to continuous improvement and development. Naturally, this approach also applies to the automation department at Aluar. The dynamic and unconventional manner with which things tend to happen at Aluar was also seen when the company bought AUVESY’s complete software solution, versiondog. As explained by Federico Ares, Automation Project Engineer at Aluar, acquiring versiondog was a natural choice for the company. Between 2005 and 2010, Aluar went through a substantial growth phase where most of the production facilities were upgraded. As a result of this expansion, the number of PLCs increased from 100 to 300. These controllers predominately consist of Siemens S7- 300 and S7-400. When it came to managing the control program software, however, flaws and cracks began to show in the established workflow and version control procedures that had prior to the growth phase, been based on manual backups and documentation. A rapid growth in the number of automation and maintenance staff (>100 users) also coincided with increasing accounts of infrequent and incomplete documentation of software versions, which then required an increasing effort where bug tracing and detection were concerned. This increased the risk of incidents that could not only affect operation, but that could also result in stoppages at the midterm. It also increased the risk of safety risks remaining undetected. Ares recalls the long way in the search for a suitable version control system. Usual “standard” textbased source control solutions were just not appropriate for versioning binary/proprietary data, while most specific automation version control software had irregular support between different controller brands or failed to deliver a solid version control architecture. In addition Aluar was concerned in automating the audit tasks, in order to ensure the correct program is running in each controller. Copyright AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: 14.11.2017 Page 1 of 3

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