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Case Study - versiondog in use at Warsteiner

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Case Study - versiondog in use at

CASE STUDY Warsteiner Brewery Refreshingly efficient Data management system versiondog, an indispensable instrument in operations engineering at Warsteiner Preventive maintenance has long been the norm at the Warsteiner Brewery. And yet, unplanned maintenance activity can still occur. It is therefore of great importance that the latest update version for each and every PLC be stored centrally. In this industry, there is no time to waste trying to conduct a search. Dipl.-Ing.Thomas Wenthaus works at the Sauerland based family enterprise, the Warsteiner Group, in the operative engineering department. The “Automators”, a term which Wenthaus lovingly uses to describe his department, help to manage the existing process systems for the system control, optimise processes and develop new processes in cooperation with the company’s other departments, especially in the cases of additional production facilities or new production lines. Plant maintenance and restarting machines and plant components are also part of the good management of plant processes. It used to be that different departments of the company each had their own system of maintenance, repair and operations, and that access to each of these was organised differently. Since then the company has switched to the version control solution product versiondog. Wenthaus had already worked with an earlier version control system, “VersionWorks”. “Even then”, he says, “we were searching for a way in which to ensure that PLC projects were safeguarded and versioned.” At the beginning, each individual department used to save the current data for each PLC. Gradually, a versioning and data management system was introduced across more and more departments until it had been incorporated by all of them: “Today, it’s impossible to imagine working without it. Having a centralised data storage system means that there is a complete change history to which all 60 users have access from whichever department they may be in,” says Wenthaus. Indeed, in addition to the brewery in Warstein yet another brewery belonging to the enterprise group has integrated versiondog. From now on, the management of PLC programs from all other locations will take place centrally in Warstein. All that versiondog requires is a little bit of discipline. Everyone is required to meticulously document their work. They happily do this because they recognise the benefits. Is such software cost-effective? In response to this question, Wenthaus shares an account from his own work day: “All of our machines are connected to each other via the network. If one of the machines were to come to a halt, it would affect the entire filling and bottling process.” In this context, being cost-efficient means avoiding wasting time. “Thanks to versiondog, we Page 1/4

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