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Case Study - versiondog used at Mann+Hummel

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CASE STUDY | MANN + HUMMEL ger. With this add-on, it is immediately clear which components are installed and where they are located, so it is not necessary to keep a disproportionate number of PLCs in stock. Factory Floor Status also lists all current firmware versions, so it is easy to check whether an error was caused by outdated firmware or whether an update is needed. At Mann + Hummel, versiondog has now become such an important tool that the trainees now use it, too. “Education and a high level of knowledge are key factors in ensuring good maintenance,” explains Klaus Wanninger. When trainee maintenance staff work on projects involving PLCs and EPLAN technology, they make sure to document their project versions in their own folders. Whenever a change is made, then this must also be documented – just like in the real world. The only difference is that supervisors and instructors can intervene at any time to give advice regarding potential improvements. “They learn how to use versiondog during their training so they are ready to go as soon as they are finished,” says Wanninger. Mann + Hummel is also happy to present versiondog to other interested companies at its production facility. Klaus Wanninger explains: “We first encountered versiondog’s predecessor, VersionWorks, in the factory of another user. The best way to find out how something works and how it is used is to see it in action in the real world. In most cases, companies can see the potential benefits of the software after just a few minutes”. This is why versiondog has also become a maintenance standard at Mann + Hummel. A standard that works, and a standard that everyone is happy to use. Page 4/4

About AUVESY AUVESY GmbH (, founded in 2007, is a leading global provider of vendor-independent version control and change management software for automated production. With its software "versiondog", AUVESY offers a product that provides industrial companies with uniform central data storage, fully automatic data backup, version management with detailed change detection and clear documentation, while at the same time being highly user-friendly and adapted to the automation systems of various manufacturers. AUVESY software is already used in more than 40 countries worldwide in a variety of different branches. The company, based in Landau in the Palatinate region of Germany, employs around 90 people. HEADQUARTER GERMANY AUVESY GmbH Fichtenstraße 38 B 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Phone +49 6341 6810-300 Fax +49 6341 6810-311 Email Web OFFICE USA AUVESY INC 146 Monroe Center St NW Suite 1210 MI 49503 Grand Rapids Phone +1-616.888.3770 Fax +1-616.888.3769 Email Web OFFICE CHINA AUVESY Data Management Solutions Co., Ltd. Jinma Lu 3, Maqun, Qixia District, Nanjing China Phone +86 25 52235097 Fax +86 25 85725003 Email Web

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