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EU-GDPR data protection requirements and versiondog

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AUVESY's position on

AUVESY's position on data protection accordance with Chapter III, Article 17 of the GDPR already exists in the versiondog software. There are two ways for a company's versiondog administrator to do this: one is to irretrievably delete the personal data from the entire system and the other is to anonymise the user data. Future orientation of AUVESY GmbH We are keenly aware of the trust that our customers place in our product versiondog and we sincerely thank them for it. In this context, it is of utmost importance to us to provide the best possible level of value and support. We achieve this by remaining at the cutting-edge of technical development, by responding to industry-specific requirements, and, of course, by complying with all relevant legal regulations. With this statement, AUVESY declares itself and its versiondog data management system well prepared for the European GDPR of 25 May 2018. Any future changes with implications for our products will be fully taken into account during their design and development. © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz, Germany Last updated: 17/05/2018 Page 4 of 5

AUVESY's position on data protection Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions to which you cannot find the answers here, or if your company has any individual requirements arising from the GDPR. We will be delighted to work together with you to find a solution that perfectly fits your situation. Author: Co-author: Approved by: Dr. Thorsten Sögding Director Customer Services Georg Seiss M.A. Business Development Dr. Tim Weckerle CEO Landau, den 28.04.2018 Our Data Protection Officer will be pleased to answer any queries: Kay Tokner Data Protection Officer Tel: +49 (0)6341 – 6810 – 302 Data Protection E-mail: AUVESY GmbH Fichtenstrasse 38 B D-76829 Landau, Germany © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz, Germany Last updated: 17/05/2018 Page 5 of 5

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