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Factsheet - AUVESY Image Service

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AUVESY Image Service versiondog – For more efficient production versiondog is the leading version control and data management software solution for automated production. It makes tracking changes and safeguarding data significantly more efficient. versiondog brings order and clarity where project data needs to be continually changed and made available from a central source. The increased safety, security and certainty provided by this software system quickly results in measurably increased productivity. versiondog makes it easy for you to optimize the interplay between all your different types of robots, controllers, field devices, drives, programming languages, file formats and software applications. This data management system gives you ultimate data traceability, minimizing your risks and costs, and saving you time and effort. Creating PC images using the AUVESY Image Service The AUVESY Image Service is a solution that supports the automatic creation of images for Windows PCs and servers. Images can be used to quickly restore important data for disaster recovery. The AUVESY Image Service can be installed in one of the following ways: • Remotely, using Windows tools/services • Using available software distribution tools • Manually These images can be saved on the versiondog server or on a drive in the company network. Using a temporary drive, you can map out different networks and different authorization structures (see image below). Fig.1: AUVESY Image Service, temporary drive and storage location © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: October 2019 Page 2 of 4

AUVESY Image Service The AUVESY Image Service allows you to create jobs that can then be used to schedule the automatic creation of images. The image and/or link to the image is available in the versiondog backup (depending on how the job was configured). versiondog can also be used to compare the metadata of each image. If changes to the hardware of the PC are detected during a scheduled job creation, a message will appear, warning that the older images should probably not be used for the new PC. Drive Snapshot is used to restore images. The DriveSnapshot.exe is provided with each image generated by the AUVESY Image Service. That way a restoration can be immediately carried out. You do not require a license in order to restore images with Drive Snapshot. The benefits of the AUVESY Image Service at a glance: Available from versiondog 7.0 AUVESY Image Service Technology Complete solution included in the setup Full support from AUVESY Drive Snapshot Windows compatibility Remote installation using versiondog Manual installation and distribution Image creation during runtime Required storage space on PC Hardware monitoring Warning when changes are made to hardware/operating system Windows XP Pro SP3 onwards < 30 MB Custom component type in versiondog versiondog jobs Run test during job creation Browser for selecting the drives that you want to create an image of in Job configuration Configurable rollover in Job configuration (from version 8.0 onward) (from version 7.5 onward) © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: October 2019 Page 3 of 4

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