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Factsheet - versiondog AutoCheckIn AutoCheckOut

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versiondog AutoCheckIn/AutoCheckOut versiondog – for more efficient production versiondog is the leading version control and data management software solution for automated production. It makes tracking changes and safeguarding data significantly more efficient. versiondog brings order and clarity where project data needs to be continually changed and made available from a central source. The increased safety, security and certainty provided by this software system quickly results in measurably increased productivity. versiondog makes it easy for you to optimise the interplay between all your different types of robots, controllers, field devices, drives, programming languages, file formats and software applications. This data management system gives you ultimate data traceability, minimising your risks and costs, and saving you time and effort. The versiondog functions VDogAutoCheckIn.exe and VDogAutoCheckOut.exe The versiondog functions VDogAutoCheckIn.exe and VDogAutoCheckOut.exe can be used to automate the Check-In and Check-Out processes. Both functions are included with each client installation and do not entail any extra costs or need any licence upgrades. The following scenarios outline how these two functions can be used in practice: Scenario 1: A company’s existing folder structure, together with all of the project data that it contains, is supposed to be integrated into versiondog. This needs to be carried out with as little time and effort on the part of the company as possible. What kind of approach would AUVESY recommend? The company’s existing folder structure will be copied into versiondog. The original folder structure will be retained using directories and components from the versiondog system. Up to and including versiondog 4.1, directories and components had to be manually created in versiondog, and the project data then copied over into the components. This process is now automated for versiondog 4.5 onward thanks to the function VDogAutoCheckIn.exe. Together with the CreateComponent function, the VDogAutoCheckIn.exe can be used to create directories and components and to copy project data into components. Just like the VDogAutoCheckIn.exe function, the CreateComponent function is available to all customers. Both functions also have corresponding tutorials that are available in versiondog INFO. AUVESY recommends using the automated processes of the VDogAutoCheckIn.exe and CreateComponent functions when transferring an existing folder structure into versiondog. A PowerShell script, used for automating the process, can be obtained as a technical demo from AUVESY. The PowerShell script will scan through the specified folder structure, searching for a predetermined file ending. When a file with that ending is found, versiondog automatically re-creates the path and the original folder structure. The user can then continue working on the projects as before. © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstraße 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: 25.07.2018 Page 2 of 4

versiondog AutoCheckIn/AutoCheckOut Scenario 2: A versiondog customer wishes to use a versiondog component to back up configuration files. However, there is currently no project data in the component that could be used for further development (or that need to be checked in). This is because changes to the configuration files are always carried out directly on the device. Nevertheless, these changes need to be automatically documented and backed up in versiondog. How is this done and what steps are involved? A versiondog comparison (that can be carried out via a configured job) allows you to detect differences between the version on the device and the version that was last checked in to the server. If any differences are detected, the last server version will be automatically checked out via the VDogAutoCheckOut.exe function and will replace the contents of the working directory with the contents of the device backup. Following this, a new version will be automatically created using the VDogAutoCheckIn.exe function. The customer then needs to enter a comment and specify their reason for the change. Once this is done, the new version can be checked in to versiondog. The change history shows you at a glance when a new version is available. The differences between the newly checked-in version and the previous version can be seen from the comment that was made by the user who checked in the version. A PowerShell script for this process can be obtained as a technical demo from AUVESY. Just like in the previous scenario, versiondog automatically re-creates the path and the original folder structure. The user can then continue working on the projects as before. © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstraße 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: 25.07.2018 Page 3 of 4

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