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versiondog ExportModule Solution From versiondog 5.0 onwards, the exported report will display the following information relevant to perform a Check-Out of a component: - Who exactly has the right to lock the component for other users (name, user account, email address) - When exactly a component was checked out and locked for other users and on which computer it was checked out from - A comment detailing the reasons why the component was checked out and locked for other users In addition to the information detailed in the report, it possible to automatically send out an email notification to all users who have been working on one or more components for an extended (configurable) period of time. The example below demonstrates how this is done: - A Windows Task i.e a Jenkins job (with the name “AutoReminder”) is configured to execute once a week. - The task “AutoReminder” will create a report about the component and send it via the ExportModule. - A tool that has been already set-up (with PowerShell, for example) will then evaluate the exported information as follows: o All components with the status “locked for other users” are identified from the XML format of the exported report. o It then identifies all email addresses of the users who have locked components for longer than a certain period of time (e.g. longer than two weeks). o A friendly reminder is automatically sent to these email addresses. © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstraße 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: 25.07.2018 Page 6 of 8

versiondog ExportModule Support // Example of launching the ExportModule: VDogAutoExport.exe /at:c “/rd:D:\vdClientArchive“ “/CFile:D:\AutoReminder\export.ini” // with the export.ini: [Common] ReportType=ComponentTree ExportFile=D\AutoReminder\ExclusiveEdit.xml WithVersions=N WithMasterData=N EnableNodeTree=N [User] Account=versiondog Password=change-it // Example of the task (ExclusiveEdit.xml):

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