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versiondog LibraryManagement versiondog – for more efficient production versiondog is the leading version control and data management software solution for automated production. It makes tracking changes and safeguarding data significantly more efficient. versiondog brings order and clarity where project data needs to be continually changed and made available from a central source. The increased safety, security and certainty provided by this software system quickly results in measurably increased productivity. versiondog makes it easy for you to optimise the interplay between all your different types of robots, controllers, field devices, drives, programming languages, file formats and software applications. This data management system gives you ultimate data traceability, minimising your risks and costs, and saving you time and effort. versiondog LibraryManagement In many areas of automated production engineering, applications are created based on libraries with reusable functions, modules and programs. Library program blocks, process blocks, image blocks / message texts, communication diagrams and flow diagrams are just some of the requirements for lowcost and consistent project implementation in the automation industry. This is where versiondog LibraryManagement comes in. With the LibraryManagement add-on users benefit from: - A documented change history created for every block. This can be used to track any changes made to a block and to the standard library. - Changes made to the standard library are versioned and stored with information on WHO changed WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. A detailed comparison can show differences between two block versions. These can be evaluated at any time to determine their effect on the individual projects. - The use of blocks in projects can be tracked at any time. This makes it easy to identify the client projects and locations where the change will have an effect. If a block is optimised at a later date, for example, then this cross-reference list can be used to determine which projects must be updated to this latest standard. © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstraße 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: 09.10.2018 Page 2 of 4

versiondog LibraryManagement Application scenarios for LibraryManagement Which version of a program block was used and in which projects? LibraryManagement allows the user to track which block version was used and in which projects. Imagine, for example, that a program block is changed during the project planning stage. With LibraryManagement, you can find out whether this block was used and the projects it was used in. Knowing the reason why changes have been made to the block and which projects use it will make it easy to decide which projects to update and to keep track of these updates. How can you ensure that the same program is running on multiple S7 PLCs? In a production facility, there are sometimes processes on the production line that are all controlled by a single PLC (e.g. S7 or RSLogix 5000). This means that all projects must be exactly the same (except for the network address). With LibraryManagement, you can ensure that all programs are the same on a block level and monitor the progress of any potential program updates. How can you ensure that predefined blocks were used by the service provider during the project planning stage? When purchasing a new plant, the plant operator can use versiondog LibraryManagement to verify whether or not the predefined blocks were used during the project planning stage. It is possible to trace whether an outdated version was used, whether the block has since been changed or whether a block was first used and then changed at a later date. The detailed options for making comparisons mean that steps can be taken to achieve optimum standardisation. © AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstraße 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz Date: 09.10.2018 Page 3 of 4

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