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versiondog Factory Floor Status

versiondog Export Module A winning team: versiondog Factory Floor Status & versiondog Export Module √ √ The versiondog Factory Floor Status add-on gives you access to clear and comprehensibly organised device data from your production facility at a glance. √ √ The versiondog Export Module add-on enables you to easily and quickly configure your individual data exports for hardware lists and firmware versions. Thus you save time on S7 inventory—no more time-consuming searches for firmware versions, MLFB numbers and serial numbers—and reduce stock holding of replacement parts. √ √ The combination of both add-ons enables you to monitor and display specific data and identification numbers. Do you have any questions? AUVESY GmbH Fichtenstraße 38 B 76829 Landau / Germany Image copyright ownership : Fotolia #129197750 | Mimi Potter

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