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versiondog integration - Siemens TIA Portal

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versiondog integration - Siemens TIA

Overview of SIEMENS TIA Portal Integration in versiondog versiondog release date SIEMENS TIA V13 SP1 versiondog 3.3 - 4.5 SIEMENS TIA V14 SP1 versiondog 5.0 SIEMENS TIA V15.1 versiondog 6.5 SIEMENS TIA V16 Versiondog 8.0 Integrated TIA project tree (with HMI) Yes Yes Yes Yes SmartCompare for TIA Step 7 project (Offline / Offline comparison) Automated monitoring of program changes on the S7 controller (offline/online comparison) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Detailed graphical comparison Yes Yes Yes Yes Integrated support for HMI configuration with detailed comparisons (offline/offline comparison) Yes Yes Yes Yes Clear presentation of complete change history Yes Yes Yes Yes Supported controllers for upload: S7-1500 - S7 1500F Yes (no F) Yes Yes Yes S7-1200 - S7-1200F Yes (no F) Yes (-) Yes Supported controllers for comparison: S7-1500 - S7 1500F Yes Yes Yes Yes S7-1200 - S7-1200F Yes Yes Yes Yes S7-400 - S7-400F Yes Yes Yes Yes S7-300 - S7-300F Yes Yes Yes Yes ET / IM-Module with CPU functionality Yes Yes Yes Yes Pre-installed TIA Editor on the server or computer, on which the comparison takes place, Station upload of a CPU for versiondog possible as Yes Yes Yes Yes application* Station upload with fail-safe (Firmware 2.1 onward) (-) Yes Yes Yes Station upload of a CPU as Windows Service now possible (-) (-) Yes Yes versiondog has access to password-protected CPUs (-) (-) Yes Yes Choice of communication path independent of what is being stored in the project, e.g. use of a (-) (-) Yes Yes NAT router LibraryManagement (-) (-) (-) Yes * Please note that the technical requirements are available at the online versiondog INFO help platform: at • The user account must have local administrative rights • TIA Openness must be installed • The user account (with local admin rights) must be listed as a member of the group “TIA Openness” after TIA Openness has been installed • User Account Control (UAC) must be deactivated Copyright by AUVESY GmbH · Fichtenstrasse 38 B · 76829 Landau in der Pfalz

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