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White paper - 7 Myths of version control

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Introduction: Versions

Introduction: Versions control and data management in automation Version control is an issue that crops up again and again in the field of automated production, with the terms „backup“ and „data management“ often uttered in the same breath. If you are familiar with high-level programming language, you will know that version control is an essential tool in software programming that helps to safeguard and optimise development and increase flexibility. In the field of automated production, however, the issue has only recently become relevant. The ever increasing time pressures and rising costs are forcing plant operators to maintain plant availability while minimising downtime and making recovery as fast as possible. However, modifications to control units such as PLCs can quickly lead to plant downtime or wastage if programming errors occur. There is therefore a real need to monitor, track, compare and backup changes to EN 61131 programs. In spite of this, many production managers and employees remain sceptical about the introduction of version control or data management systems. The manual approach may well have worked for years, even if the data was only presumed to be secure and spread across various management tools. The elephant in the room, however, is that the number of editors and devices will steadily increase over time, resulting in more data and a greater potential for error. The first major breakdown to unnecessarily waste time and money is sure to be a wake-up call. It will then become apparent that relying solely on manual version control was somewhat short-sighted and that a version control system would have already paid for itself. And we all know that the level of automation is only going to increase in coming years thanks to Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. This white paper tackles the seven most common myths and misconceptions surrounding version control and data management in the current technological climate. A critical approach to this issue is perfectly reasonable, but only when it comes questions such as „what“ and „why“. As a user, there is a huge variety of different solutions available to you. This white paper will help you choose the most practical and useful option currently on the market. Silke Glasstetter - Head of Marketing, AUVESY GmbH 1

control is unnecessary - our production facility has 1.Version been running without this kind of software support for years Without modern version control and synchronised upload, download and compare processes, you can never be sure that the software version controlling your facility matches your most recently shared version. Furthermore, without a comparison of the online (production facility) and offline (server) status, as well as a detailed (graphical) representation of different versions, you’ll be running your production more or less blind! Current version control systems offer a water-tight backup strategy for precisely this reason. They even work across multiple sites. Backed-up data from distributed production facilities can also be synchronised via a central storage location, thus enabling you to check for changes between different versions. 2

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