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White paper - 7 Myths of version control

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2.Implementing a

2.Implementing a version control system is risky and expensive The days of huge servers and long, drawn-out software implementation are over. With the current generation of software, implementing a version control system requires very little effort – you can even run the system directly from a USB stick. All you need is a central server and any number of installed clients. This server-client structure allows users to work offline and check in new versions at a later date. Furthermore, the intelligent user management (automatic synchronisation via Active Directory) prevents unauthorised access and automatically documents who exactly made the changes. 3.A version control system is primarily used to streamline the existing workforce Even in highly automated production facilities, qualified workers remain a key and indispensable resource. Auxiliary software systems can only ever be as intelligent as their programmers and users. In the field of data management, it is particularly crucial that data be maintained accurately and in a conscientious way. The aim is to automate time-consuming and low-skill tasks such as manual backups, manual comparisons and the tedious search for data storage media and backup locations as much as possible. This frees up staff, especially their know-how, to work on demanding, valuable and forward-thinking projects instead. 3

4 current version control strategy does the job - more 4.Our software just means more training A simple comparison of file sizes and dates is not the same as effective version control and certainly does not enable a detailed (version) comparison of the control programs that are synchronised on the server. And that‘s without mentioning the ability to clearly identify and mark the most recently released version. Non-homogeneous automation plants require many different project planning tools and editors that must be maintained and programmed by ever growing production and maintenance teams. Only a software-based solution can lighten this particular load. Leading version control systems can integrate your tried and tested editors and project structures while supporting you with a menu-driven tutorial and automated backups. This results in minimal training and a high degree of usability. Check-In Check-Out Automated Backup Server Client Backup · Versioning · Documentaon Download

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