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White paper - 7 Myths of version control

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5.A homogeneous

5.A homogeneous automation environment is required The individual controller manufacturers also offer version management solutions. However, these solutions only support the manufacturer‘s own devices and are therefore only really useful in homogeneous production facilities. But does such a thing even exist nowadays? The automation market and the number of manufacturers and suppliers are constantly growing, which in turn leads to a greater degree of complexity in production facilities. This is why production facilities are now a vibrant mixture of different types of industrial robots, field devices, control programs, drive systems, programming languages and file formats. The advantage of a future-proof version control system is that you are not dependent on a single manufacturer. Furthermore, the version control system not only supports the most common automation systems, but also regularly adapts to the latest device versions so the user always has the required comparators. .doc *.* 5

6 control can only be made to work effectively when 6.Version there are no external suppliers involved It is now difficult to imagine a working world without concepts like lean production and lean maintenance. Given the focus on increasing efficiency and productivity, it is probably rare for you to work with no external service providers and suppliers at all. It is therefore imperative that a version control system be capable of tracking, monitoring, comparing and checking changes made to control devices by system integrators and OEMs. The question of „why“ is also of huge importance when working with external service providers in particular. Full validation and traceability are only possible if the reasons why changes have been made are documented.

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