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White paper - Version control and backups

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Introduction: The

Introduction: The Industrial Internet of Things set to revolutionise today‘s work environments As the Industrial Internet of Things unfolds, one of the aims will be to automate tasks and systems. The final objective will be to achieve a completely autonomous Smart Factory. It goes without saying that this will radically alter the work environment of today‘s maintenance departments. The good news is that the Industrial Internet of Things will not lead to the disappearance of this line of work. On the contrary, automated production environments will continue to rely on the skill sets of highly-qualified professionals. It goes without saying that software systems are only as good as the people who program and use them. This white paper focuses on the new requirements placed upon maintenance departments in relation to version control and data management. We will take a closer look at how such tasks as backing up data, comparing versions and searching for the latest software version— all of which have been hitherto carried out manually—can now be automated. Automating these processes helps to save both time and human resources, thus enabling maintenance departments to re-direct their personnel and know-how towards other projects. We will also delve into how version and backups differentiate. And we will have a look at the reasons as to why it is valuable to incorporate both processes. Finally, we will look at how to go about implementing a version control system and the amount of time and training needed to carry this out. 1

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