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White paper - Version control and backups

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Section 2: The top 3

Section 2: The top 3 requirements for maintenance departments in relation to version control 1. A manufacturer-independent solution In recent years, the need for version control has also become apparent to device manufacturers. Nowadays many manufacturers offer version control solutions. However, these are normally only compatible with their own devices, which means that they can only really be effectively used in plants that don‘t have a wide variety of devices. In today‘s world a production facility comprised of homogenous devices is becoming more the exception than the norm. As the automated sector continues to grow, so too do the number of different devices. This growth goes hand in hand with the increasing complexity of production facilities, which nowadays contain a myriad of different robots, field devices, controller programs, and drive systems; all of which have their own program language and data format. 4

A future-proof version control system is both manufacturer-independent and transparent. It is capable of working with the full range of automation devices and systems commonly in use today and is not tied to any single manufacturer. As newer products become more established action is taken to ensure that the necessary comparators are made available to users. These comparators are key when it comes to version control, as it is only possible to detect and display differences between versions with their help. The most valuable kind of version control system is one that allows for text-based, graphical and tabular version comparisons. Technical implementation plays a crucial role. 2. A functional system they can rely on wherever they are It is no longer rare for production to be spread out across the entire world. Due to this, it is highly important that version control systems are location-independent. A comprehensive server allows for backed up data taken from different devices and locations to be synchronised and centrally managed. It also allows for differences between versions to be detected. 3. A means of coordinating external personnel In times of lean production and lean maintenance, it is imperative that a version control system be capable of detecting, monitoring, comparing and analysing changes to devices made by external system integrators and OEMs. A version control system capable of coordinating external personnel according to these requirements has the added benefit in that the documentation of change reasons allows for 100% clarity and traceability. 5

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