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White paper - Version control and backups

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Section 3: How to go

Section 3: How to go about introducing a version control system Implementation You will require a central server and an unlimited number of installed clients. Thanks to the server-client structure, users are able to work offline and Check-In new versions at a later date. Intelligent user management (automatic synchronisation via Active Directory) helps to prevent unauthorised access and automatically documents who exactly made the changes. Simplifying previously complicated processes Non-homogeneous production facilities require many different project planning tools and editors that require multiple shifts and therefore large production and maintenance departments in order to be maintained. With a software-based solution there is now a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Leading version control systems can integrate tried and tested editors and project structures while supporting users with a menu-driven tutorial and automated backups. This results in a high degree of usability and only requires minimal training. 6

Summary Implementing a system for backup and version control will logically result in adjustments to the IT infrastructure. However, it is a worthwhile investment— not only due to reduced costs that it brings about— but also because of the way in which it helps to reduce risks to production facilities. A secure and safeguarded production facility means fewer errors, reduced downtime, reliable delivery times and satisfied customers and partners. All of these benefits make the investment in a version control and backup system truly worth it. The version control and data backup functions of a data management system are a valuable aid when automating simple but time-consuming tasks that would have been carried out manually. It thus helps to free up maintenance so that they can undertake other important tasks. Regularly carrying out comparisons allows for authorised changes to be monitored. It also allows for unauthorised changes to be quickly detected which in turn allows you to quickly find and restore a previous, error-free version. Thus, though the Industrial Internet of Things is set to bring about radical changes to the work environment of today‘s maintenance departments, the aim of those departments to maintain a well-secured and safeguarded production facility will not change. Production processes will simply become even more efficient. . 7

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